Keynote - Industry Conference

"What a wonderful presentation to finish our Conference with today. Your experience and wisdom was clearly on display and I heard so many positive comments.

Thank you for making such a significant contribution to our FEAL Conference."

Michael Dwyer AM, CEO, First State Super

Mentor - Managing Director

“Anthony provides a unique service to leaders of today wanting to create a better future.
Anthony challenges you to envisage the future you wish to create. He encourages you to be bold.  As a result I have taken a more integrated view of myself as a leader, been more prepared to take the long-term view and express my value set in my decision-making.  He is willing to embark upon the journey with you drawing upon his great breadth of knowledge and insight, acting as a sounding board, a conscience and supporter.
The time I have spent with Anthony has been invaluable to my journey.  Any long journey comprises a series of expeditions.  Anthony certainly makes a difference to you being expedition ready and along the way he is there to listen, share the reflections and help embed the learningsfor the next adventure.”

Managing Director, Australian Financial Services Organisation

Mentor - CEO

“Anthony has worked with me as a coach and mentor both formally and informally for more than five years. He has been an incredible support to me through a period involving three significant role changes as I have progressed my career.
Anthony effectively delivers a broad and deep cross section of tools and experiences with his role. He has been a valuable impartial sounding board when addressing complex people, team and general leadership challenges.
The value Anthony provided in assisting me to establish and regularly review a clear and simple career and life plan has been a turning point for me. He has helped me to keep focus on what really matters.”

CEO, Australian Banking Organisation